Mama de Sya Laptop Sleeve


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A laptop sleeve, a story

Sya’s Mama, along with Sibou’s Mama, are the smallest of the Coly family. They are inseparable, the two of them walk alone to school together every day holding hands.

Mama is a special girl, very observant, shy but very loving once you earn her trust.

A fabric, a form of communication

Wax fabric is part of the daily life of Africans, especially that of women. It is a non-verbal means of communication, a symbol of cultural reference and status based on quality and colour of the material.

Wax fabrics are named after the manufacturing technique of waxing by way of a copper roller which allows for better colour fixation on 100% of the cotton fabric roll.

Wax is the main element of UKAT sleeves. All our fabrics are chosen and bought in small shops in the capital and also southern Senegal.

Give your day a little color with an African UKAT cover!

Handmade in Senegal

The true value of the sleeve lies in its production process. Diere, a young Senegalese tailor, makes our covers in the small workshop that he built himself in the town where he was born.

Together we design laptop sleeves from start to finish with a inner lining that protects your computer if you want to take it with you to work, while travelling, or simply to have it well protected.

Our covers are padded so you can take them wherever you want.

The design is the result of an exchange of opinions and production processes between Barcelona and Senegal, giving rise to an accessory that brings the two cultures together.

They are available in two sizes: 13 and 15 inches.

Women, the engine of change

Changing the role of women in African society is not easy. For many generations women have remained relegated to the background and removed from any possibility of having their own economic independence.

Fortunately, in Senegal, little by little small changes are taking place in the new generations. More and more girls have the possibility to study at school and dream of being doctors, teachers and many other professions and vocations.

Women who have suffered marriages of convenience fight so that their little daughters or sisters don’t have to go through the same themselves and can decide on their own future.

With the participation in the production process of the sleeves by a part of these women fighters who are at risk of job exclusion, we intend to help them improve their situation and that of their successors. We want women to occupy the place that they deserve and that they reaffirm themselves as the driving force towards change and equality.